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  • Initial, once off, data capturing and start-up package charge R25.00.
  • Monthly per outlet R50.00
  • Charges for outlets outside South Africa available on request.
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There are many benefits to joining ServiceOnTrack.

You will get

  • A listing in our website and inclusion into a powerful product-driven search engine
  • Your logo/photo doubles as a link to your own website if available
  • A sticker to display at client-entry point referring to our service and related website
  • A right to copy our logo onto all official company stationery for marketing purposes
  • A reliability certification of your website in case of an online operation

  • An independent back-up of your promise-to-good-service 
  • A tool enforcing your advertising, turning more leads into sales
  • A very powerful closing tool that shortens the sales-process saving time and money

Your potential clients will get

  • An opportunity to verbalise satisfaction or dissatisfaction while providing you with an equal opportunity to respond
  • A chance to have peace of mind, enabling them to make the decision to deal with your company, without undue delay caused by having to get a whole list of ever-confusing quotes.

How it works

  • In case of a positive comment or a serious negative comment received by us from one of your clients, we will post the heading of this as a reference on our website.
  • We will then send you a copy of the full details with the request for a reply (In case of the negative comment), which we will then post on our website without delay.
  • A copy will also be sent to your client and both you and your client will be asked to let us know the moment this issue was resolved.
  • Once resolved, the date of this will appear on our website to let the readers know the issue was dealt with adequately and both parties are happy.

negative comments resolved within 7 days will not be published.

It is not the issue of receiving negative comments, rather how a company deals with them. Therefore, the negative comments will initially appear in green, then, if not resolved after two weeks, change to orange and then finally turn to red if still not resolved after 4 weeks.

Your sales personnel should point out to prospective clients that you have no hesitation at all to back up your word-of-good-service by your listing on our independent website.

As a close to a sale, all else being equal this should be the deciding factor keeping a potential client from choosing to do business with your competitor.


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